Classic Massage                                        60 minutes

Whole body massage that uses long strokes with firm pressure to ease sore muscles and release stress and fatigue.           

Common Room   880        Single Room 1180        Couples Room  2360

Filipino Hilot ----------------                                   90 minutes

A Filipino-style theraputic massage concentrating on healing the body’s in-balances. Combines the use of virgin coconut oil with the medium to deep pressure strokes to relieve deep-rooted stress and restore health and well being. Warm banana leaf is applied on the client’s back to assess areas that need focus.                   

Common Room  1100      Single Room   1400       Couples Room  2800

Japanese Shiatsu ----------  -                             60 minutes

A Japanese-style pressure point technique based on the concept of accupuncture. This massage works on vital energy points resulting in balanced Chi (life force energy). Uses thumb pressure and dry massage technique.

Common Room   880       Single Room   1180        Couples Room 2360

Healing Bamboo--------                             -90 minutes

Harnessing the deep heat therapy from rythmic bamboo sticks, this luxurious massage combines pure essential oils, penetrating warmth to release stored tension of muscular tissues. Bamboo sticks placed on key energy center balances the spirit and nurtures total relaxation. This treatment is ideal for those who desire deep tissue massage.

Common Room     1300     Single Room   1600    Couples Room   3200

Healing Gemstone--------- -                        90 minutes

Our signature massage allows you to choose specific semi-prescious stones for your massage therapy to address specific needs.

Common Room   1500     Single Room    1800     Couples Room   3600

Note:   All Body Massages include complimentary use of the Wet Area (Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room). All prices are in Philippines Peso. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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